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Honouring the invitation of AOFFEP: Adeyinka Ologbenla-Falusi Female Empowerment Programme, Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation (SCHAF) took the message of Sickle Cell Disease to Efon Alaaye, Ekiti State on 18th January, 2022. AOFFEP is a local organization in Efon Alaaye Ekiti State that empowers and encourages the girl child especially indigenes of Efon Alaaye Ekiti State on their journey to higher science education through periodic visits, financial awards and encouragements. To propagate the programme on awareness of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria, SCHAF at the award ceremony held a successful awareness lecture and health education talks on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), to drive home prevention approaches and care of people living with Sickle Cell Disease.

The message was in 3 parts:

  1. The importance of awareness of Sickle Cell Disease, its challenges and the role of education and informed decision making by youths at a future date.
  2. Importance of Point of Care Genotype diagnosis within 5minutes, with results issued on a durable Genotype Card immediately and without the sophistication of transporting blood samples for analysis.
  3. The importance of Know Your Genotype (KYG) clubs to be planted in different secondary schools.

SCHAF also stressed the importance of early detection as a means of proper management and featured free genotyping using the Point of Care Testing Method for the secondary school students.