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Provision of Routine Medication to Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease. Stem Cell or Bone Marrow transplant which are available cure for Sickle Cell Disease, are not easily affordable or available. However, routine medications are helpful in the management of Sickle Cell Disease. SCHAF resonates soundly with the need to equip individuals with Sickle Cell Disease with routine drugs that boost their immunity. Routine Drugs (Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B.Complex, Astymin and Paludrin (Reludrine) and branded souvenirs were provided by donations from Fidson Healthcare Plc, goodwill donations from kind hearted individuals. The medications were distributed to Sickle Cell Disease affected individuals in batches at SCHAF collaborating centers:

i.               30th September 2021: University College Hospital Ibadan

ii.             7th September 2022: Oni Childrens Memorial Hospital

iii.            14th September 2022: Oni Childrens Memorial Hospital

iv.            29th September 2022: Heamatology Day Care Unit, University College Hospital Ibadan

Comprehensive health talks and counseling were equally conducted to assist the SCD community to understand the appropriate use of their medication and home care of their wards when not in the hospital.