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In 2023, Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation (SCHAF) focused on the Theme: Community Participation: A key to achieving equity towards reducing the burden of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria. On the 19th of June, 2023, an awareness program was conducted at the central market of Mapo in Ibadan - the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria. The cooperation of the local individuals was intensified to enhanced understanding of the program for the World Sickle Cell Day.

The event was led by Professor Adeyinka Falusi, the Founder and Trustee of Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation, and an active advocate for People Living with Sickle Cell Disease (PLWSCD). She gave an informative talk on the disease, highlighting the challenges of SCD, importance of early detection, treatment, and management of the disease as well as the easy to reach preventive approach available to youths.

The awareness was supported by the NYSC and the media to engage the community in their local language at their regular location for the good use of such information. Overall, the activities of SCHAF for the 2023 WSCD was a huge success which will enhance awareness about sickle cell disease in Oyo state, Nigeria