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KYG Workshop & Empowerment

SCHAF SCD workshop was organized for Awareness, Planting of Know Your Genotype (KYG) Clubs in Oyo State Schools, Genotyping, Point of care and Empowerment of SCD patients and care-givers.
About eight (8) public and private Secondary Schools participated with 41 students, teachers, principals, Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Non-Communicable Diseases and 7 media outfits participated at the event.
The introduction of accurate Diagnosis with a POint of Care-Hemotype SC was discussed with the audience highlighting the ease of use, ease of availability on the field, cheaper cost and a short time of 10 minutes of processing the result with a 99.9% accuracy. Hopefully, this will be demonstrated soonest in these schools and among other youth groups as we await the permission for access which is in progress at the moment.
An aspect of this workshop was the Empowerment of 10 different SCD affected individuals and care-givers/ These were bead makers, soap makers, shoemakers, and petty traders. Some of these empowered individuals were already Trainer of Trainers (TOT) of some other affected members.